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Project Management

Jack our Business Manager will manage your project and provide daily updates of the timing and progress of your re-roof. This includes answering any questions/concerns and supplying technical information regarding the scope of work. 

Jack successfully engages with any other contractors you may have working at your property so you can get the maximum benefit of his excellent communication and scheduling skills in a single project scope.

Roof Replacement

Existing Metal Roofs: We will replace your existing metal roof roof and if you already have a metal corrugated profile this is the fastest and easiest roofs to replace because the framing is already built to suit this type of roofing.  Concrete Tiles to Long Run Roofing Iron: We complete conversions from concrete tiles to long-run roofing. This project will always require scaffolding for safety requirements and skip bins are organised for disposal of the concrete tiles. We will install new  timber purlins throughout the existing roofing frame for the new long-run roofing.  Different metal profiles are available and we can provided recommendations  depending on the type of roof you own

Edge Protection/Scaffolding

We supply our own edge protection guardrail to be used on properties that do not require scaffolding. This helps keep costs down rather than using a third party installer. If scaffolding is required, we will organise scaffolding for your property which can also be used by other trades that are involved in your renovation project i.e painting, solar panels, window work... We will provide any scaffolding platforms adjustments your other trades may require throughout your project.

Building Work

A lot of properties have roofs that tie in with cladding and require building work to install flashings behind - we can supply our own builder to take on a variety of cladding work to complete the flashing installation without having to source a builder from elsewhere.

Asbestos Roofs

We will organise an asbestos removal quote for you from one of the accredited asbestos removal companies we partner with. We will project manage the asbestos removal to time with installing your new roof so the process meets safety standards and your re-roof runs smoothly for you. Many decramastic tiles contain asbestos so we can organise asbestos testing for you and if your roofing materials test positive we will manage the asbestos removal and re-roof for you from there.


When replacing your roof, this could also be the best time to replace your spouting. Not only is having a solid roof vital to protect your home when it's raining, so is your spouting. With run-down or ineffective spouting, your home and property is at risk of flooding in areas that it really shouldn't. During the re-roofing process our very own spouting specialist Drew will install spouting that will not only complement the effectiveness of your new roof - it will look fantastic. We recommend the best materials that will last. We can supply Marley plastic spouting and Colorsteel spouting products in a variety of colours and profiles. We will provide advice on what products best suit your home and your environment.

Ardex Membrane Roofing

We have trained/licensed Ardex Membrane installers to complete work on membrane flat roofs, internal gutters and bay windows to ensure the best weather protection possible for your property.

Solasafe Clear Sheeting

We can supply and install new clear sheets in a range of different tints for your lean-to pergolas or light strips that help with the natural lighting in your home or garage/workshop. Solasafe clear sheeting comes in a variety of colours to suit your home.


When replacing your roof, adding new skylights is an amazing way to harness natural light to brighten a dark area, increase ventilation or add a touch of creative inspiration. We all want the insides of our homes to feel inviting. Roof Wellington will either replace exisiting skylights or install a new Velux skylight - there is a wide range available including fixed or opening and accessories. Roof Wellington will build the lightwell and install and flash the skylight so it is all ready for your gibstopper and  painter.


When replacing your roof, you may wish to consider insulating at the same time. Ceiling insulation is key to a warmer home and the Government has put in place standards that landlords are required to meet. If your home has a skillion roof (one with little ceiling space) there is no better time to insulate than while we're re-roofing. If your roof space is inaccessible we can supply and install insulation to the area while your roof is open during the re-roofing process. It all depends on the cavity space available but during a re-roof could be the only opportunity to access this space to upgrade your insulation and increase the energy efficiency and warmth in your home.

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