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Roof Wellington did a thoroughly professional job that has elicited favourable comment also from all our neighbours. Their project management was exceptional. The planning of stockpiling , access and parking were all discussed in advance. Component services were well coordinated and their communication was outstanding throughout; we were always informed as to what would happen when, and if weather had affected work at any stage. They demonstrated concern for minimising our costs by ensuring scaffolding was dismantled and removed as soon as reasonably possible after completion of the roofing work. Their personnel were invariably courteous and considerate. Highly recommended!

Conversion: Decramastic tiles (non asbestos) to
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Non-asbestos decramastic tiles to corrugate.

Luckily for this customer their decramastic tiles tested negative for asbestos. We installed scaffolding and removed the decramastic tiles, installed new timber purlins and re-roofed the house roof using .55 Corrugate Colorcote Zinacore in Rivergum. Although Rivergum is not a standard colour we were able to source it for these customers. There was a lot of building work for this project that was out of our scope but we recommended a trustworthy builder to carry out the work.


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