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At  Roof Wellington we ensure that our workers, you and your property are kept safe by strictly following safety protection guidelines and tools provided for us by Worksafe New Zealand. 

We will include the costs of safety protection in our quote. Safety protection could be guardrail edge protection or it could mean full scaffolding. So what’s the difference? 

At Roof Wellington we have many years of experience on roofs around Wellington so we know the importance of how to  keep our workers safe when working at height.

When we first visit your property we will carry out  a hazard assessment to determine the safest and most appropriate safety protection for your roofing project. We will consider:

  • The strength of the roofing material. 
  • The condition of the underlying timber or steel. 
  • The stability and brittleness of any cladding. 
  • Any electrical hazards, such as nearby power lines. 
  • Any incoming poor weather conditions. 
  • The size of the roof. 
  • Whether the building is occupied. 
  • The pitch of the roof. 
  • The roof framing. 
  • The presence of asbestos, if any. 

Edge protection is used for single storey properties under 25 degrees. 

Edge protection is the preferred control for preventing falls from roofs on single-storey buildings because it isolates multiple workers from the risk of a fall. Guardrail is a physical barrier constructed from materials or components that form a guardrail and/or physical barrier and is erected around the perimeter of the building and any openings or fragile areas such as skylights. Source: WorkSafe NZ 

If your property only requires edge protection we will erect and dismantle this ourselves and the costs will be included in the re-roof quote.

Scaffolding is used for properties that have a roof pitch over 25 degrees, concrete tile roofs, two or multiple storeys buildings or if the project requires spouting or other trades to be working onsite i.e painters, builders, solar panel installers, window specialists. 

Scaffolding provides a platform with stable footing on roofs that have a strong pitch or uneven footing. Source: WorkSafe NZ 

If your property requires a scaffold build we will engage one of our certified scaffolding partners to assess the requirements. We will then include the scaffolding erection and dismantling costs into our re-roof quote along with the weekly rental and inspection costs.

If you are planning a project that involves other trades - it is pretty common for our customers to be organising a house paint at the same time - our expert business and project manager Jack will organise for any adjustments to be made to the scaffolding so all trades can work safely and utilise the scaffolding. 

The safety protection we choose for your roofing job will depend on a number of factors but rest assured that at Roof Wellington we are experienced in this area and will provide you with the very best advice to ensure that you and your home and our valued workers are kept safe.

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