About Us

Roof Wellington Limited is a highly professional re-roofing company that is dedicated to make the process with roofing contractors in Wellington a whole lot easier. We can provide a comprehensive and professional roof report explaining exactly what work is required and if there will be a need for sub-trades.

Our roofing packages are competitive, and our Wellington roofers are highly experienced. You can rest assured that all packaging, waste, and building products will be removed and recycled (where possible) so it'll be like we were never there in the first place!

Roof Wellington Limited is locally owned and operated by Simon Lamb, a member of the New Zealand Association. Simon has spent 20 years working for New Zealand's largest companies, where he has held senior management roles and been in leadership teams. Drawing on his project management experience, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly at Roof Wellington Limited. If you ever have any problems, feel free to give Simon a call on 0800 766 393.